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To many, bodybuilding is a peculiar sport if in fact it is a sport. It's really more of a lifestyle that is completely dedicated to building muscle and burning fat depending on which phase of training they happen to be in. The dedication of bodybuilders should not be understated in my opinion as they put themselves through huge physical and mental stresses to achieve their goals.

Most bodybuilders will tell you that the most grueling part of their sport is the dieting and calorie restriction leading up to competitions. They all have their own diets with varying ideas on what works and what doesn't but in really comes down to one thing in the end...calorie restriction. Now calorie restriction is well known to most of society as a way to lose weight but losing weight is easy...losing body fat while maintaining lean that's a whole new ball game.

Over 100's of thousands of years the human body has become very efficient, meaning it produces as little muscle as possible to get the job done. The reason for this is simple, we have evolved to endure famine by storing as much fat (fuel) as possible for 'later' and having the smallest engine necessary to get the work done.

Bodybuilders are trying to do the exact opposite of what our bodies are naturally inclined to do. Their goal is to produce as much muscle as possible (big engine) with a very low level of fat (fuel). Bodybuilding actually makes you a very inefficient calorie burning machine and that is why the human body fights against this.

We all know the feeling of being 'starving' after missing a meal or two. Well, bodybuilders have to endure that sensation for months at a time, not because they skip meals, but because they will maintain a calorie deficit day after day. So how do they do it? There are a few things that  are necessary, discipline, good diet and the right supplements.

The main supplements used by bodybuilders in the off season(bulking) are protein powders like WPI, Whey Concentrate and Casein, Aminos such as BCAA and L-glutamine, pre-workout supplements to increase training intensity and natural Testosterone and Growth Hormone boosters.

For the cutting up phase (fat loss phase) the main supplements used are pretty much the same as the bulking phase but with the edition of thermogenics, lipotropics and fat transporters.

The use of supplements in bodybuilding goes back to the begining of bodybuilding itself. Bodybuilders have always been looking for an edge over there competitors to get their body bigger and leaner than the next guy or girl. Supplements today are quite simply amazing and can make the whole process of building muscle and leaning up far easier and way more enjoyable.

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