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UM Sports (Previously Urban Muscle) Stock Update
UM Sports (Previously Urban Muscle) Stock Update

Urban Muscle Rampage Review

Today we will be doing a quick review on the ever popular Rampage by Urban Muscle.

In our 20 odd years as a leader in the bodybuilding supplement industry we have seen an awful lot of testosterone boosters come and go, some good, some not so good. Most of the best ones we have seen have been tribulus based capsulated products with a reasonable level of protodioscin. Protodioscin is the active extract found in tribulus that gives it it's ability to increase the body's production of testosterone, leutinising hormone and dhea.

We feel that Urban Muscle Rampage has completely reset the bench mark for test boosters by delivering a whopping dose of protodioscin plus urtica dioica and piper nigrum to ensure no nasty side effects.

Rampage has become our best selling testosterone booster ever and now has some what of a cult following. 

What you can expect from Urban Muscle Rampage:

1. Increased strength

2. Increased lean muscle growth.

3. Increased libido

4. Faster recovery from serious exertion.

Most customers take the recommended dose of three capsules per day with extremely fast results while other prefer a milder slower approach. As a general male tonic we recommend just 1-2 capsules per day.

We definitely recommend Rampage for anyone looking for a serious natural testosterone booster that delivers as promised.


Urban Muscle Rampage

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