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Urban Muscle Heat review.

Today we will be doing a review on our biggest selling fat burner, Urban Muscle's Heat.

With a market place oozing with fat burners how does one ever choose or know which fat burner will be most effective. Most fat burners have similar ingredients with a tenancy to sound a little like this: low dose here and low dose there large amounts of caffeine and not much else. This is what sets apart Urban Muscle Heat. Every ingredient in Heat is at the level required to give your metabolism the kick start it needs. There are two ways to loose fat, you can either expend more energy via exercise or put less energy (food) in. Urban Muscle Heat increases what is called TDEE or Total Daily Energy Expenditure, this will amplify the hard effort you are already putting into your training and diet program. Another benefit of Heat is that there is no added caffeine, so for afternoon and evening trainers Heat will not effect sleep patterns and you will be to get to sleep. Another benefit is that if you use a pre-trainer that does have caffeine in it you are still able to use it in conjunction with Heat. Heat, taken pre-training creates an environment where your body will utilize more fat as energy, making every training session that much more effective to your fat loss goal.

What you can expect from Urban Heat:

1. Increased metabolism.

2. Increased fat loss.

3. Increased core temperature.

4. Burn Fat from the start of exercise

5. Greater utilization of fat during training.


Most customers take half the recommended dose of four capsules once a day before training and first thing in the morning of non training days or two capsules twice a daily.

We definitely recommend Heat for anyone looking to amplify their fat loss efforts.

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