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Cellucore C4 Extreme Review

Cellucor C4 Extreme is a moderate stim Pre-workout supplement designed to get you going mentally and physically before your bodybuilding, endurance and power training sessions.

C4 Extreme contains a good dose of the ever popular beta alanine which will help prevent the build-up of hydrogen in the muscles which when unchecked creates and acidic environment that eventually stops your muscles from being able to contract. Other C4 Extreme ingredients are Creatine Nitrate and AAKG which increase atp production and nitric oxide respectively. Atp is the instant energy used by the muscle and nitric oxide helps dilate the blood vessels allowing more blood flow to the muscles.

Now on the stimulant side of things the Cellucor C4 Extreme is fairly moderate with 160mg caffeine and 50mg citrus aurantium. This will give those who need a bit of a kick what they are looking for without sending you mental.

C4 Extreme also contains a significant amount of vitamin C at 250mg and a small amount of taurine at 200mg which helps with the absorption of the rest of the C4's ingredients.

Cellucore C4 Extreme is Ada Street Discount Supplements best selling pre-workout stim at the time of writing this atricle and has a loyal following among bodybuilders and weight trainers.

Overall we feel that this pre-workout supplement is a good combination of ingredients for those trainers who want a bit of both, physical and mental lift.

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