Crossfit Supplements

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Crossfit Supplements

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Crossfit boxes are becoming almost as popular as Gyms, and this creates the need for for specialized supplements to suit the needs of this fast growing sport.  As Crossfit is a combination of weights, circuit and endurance training, it requires pre trainers that are made to provide physical energy over long periods, replacing ATP energy and blocking Lactic Acid as you go (not the physical drain of caffeine). Crossfit also requires intra, recovery and muscle repair aminos, and the perfect post workout protein to replace glycogen energy supplies and provide fast acting protein to kick start the recovery and muscle growth process.

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A perfect combination of these supplements can be found in the Urban Muscle Crossfit Stack on our online store. Using the urban muscle stack will ensure that you have the energy and endurance that you need to do your personal best, and then get the fastest recovery, ready to go again. 


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