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Short for Rhabdomyolysis is a dangerous condition that can be experienced by people training in Crossfit and other endurance sports, when excessive, prolonged periods of high intensity exercise, cause the breakdown of muscle tissue, releasing Myoglobin into the bloodstream and then into the liver where it becomes toxic.

Some of the symptoms that may be experienced are generalized muscle pain and cramping, nausea and vomiting, and in some extreme cases, passing red wine coloured urine caused by the released Myoglobin.

Who is at risk of being effected?

While there is a slight risk to any athlete who completely over exerts his or her self in extreme conditions, (without enough fluid and electrolite intake) similar to conditions that cause the equally serious condition of hyponatremia. It has been found that most at risk are athletes who have developed larger muscle mass but have not had enough training time to acclimatize their body to the the grueling routines of crossfit etc

. This would include experienced crossfit trainers who are coming back from an extended break. In this case it is suggested that it is better to maintain  your heavy earlier weight levels and take more breaks during WODS, rather than reduce the weights so you can go full steam through the session, taking your time to build up your endurance to continuous high intensity levels.

Precautions you can take.

Ensure that you have an ample fluid intake containing necessary electrolytes and PH Balance, and carbohydrates for energy to stop the breakdown of your muscle for energy.

Replenish and refresh your energy, muscle tissue and fluids at regular intervals to ensure safe strong performances.

Take a complete recovery protein drink with carbs, aminos and electrolytes to avoid muscle depletion and provide fresh strong muscles for you next workout.

Keep Liver performing at its best with a lipotropic detox product to clean and protect liver tissue.


Suggested Supplements to achieve safe, and outstanding results from Urban Muscle.


Prior to Training:

AMRAP for power, pump and energy, lactic ascid buffering, carb loading and electrolytes.


ISOMAX to maintain fluid, replace electrolytes and glycogen supplies.

Post session:

NOTG (Nectar of the Gods) complete protein recovery drink to give your body the necessary building blocks for a full recovery before your next training day.  

Liver maintenance:

LT4  Taken daily will protect and clean your liver and help it function at its best as well as provide energy by by shuttling fats into you muscles to be burnt off.           Be sure also to drink water on a regular basis for best liver and kidney function, at least a couple of liters per day.   





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