I feel I should say something about the recent trend in American imported pretraining energisers to see who can add the most caffeine and other even more dangerous stimulants to their products.

Here at Ada Street we have been long term oponants of the over use of caffeine in these products for the reasons listed in our article on caffeine. Now to make the products give an even more powerful head buzz companies are adding ingredients such as 1,3-Dimethylamylamine that can only be described as a near relative of amphetamines.

THESE PRODUCTS DO NOT HELP MUSCLE GROWTH!! On the contrary they are catabolic on muscle tissue, restrict blood flow, dehydrate you, run down nervous system and adrenal supply, and can cause serious heart palputations to suseptable individuals, in other words the opposite of what the body needs to thrive and grow.................

Well It did not take long in the end for the authorities to remove this class of supplement from the market, and at Ada Street we could'nt be happier to see them go.

Hopefully now people can concentrate on other healthier and pro muscle growth products to help them with their training, and leave the the high stimulants to the chemi-heads.