Its time to cut the media hype about illegal sport supplements used by the professional sporting clubs and call them for what they are DRUGS ! Calling them supplements is defaming the whole supplement industry in this country and I take objection.

Sport supplements made in Australia are all manufactured from ingredients approved by government regulators in the fields of complementary medicines and health foods. They also approve label claims that match the ingredients used. I would therefore strongly recommend that if you are a professional athlete that you use authentically formulated Australian brands.

Most supplements are composed of concentrated amounts of the essential ingredients in the foods we eat, these are needed by people who expend greater energy and do more damage to their muscle tissue, by training at higher levels than average, to improve their performance or physique.

Instead of these professional sporting clubs trying to gain some kind of cheated advantage by providing their players with caffeine and other dodgy stimulants recommended by so called sport scientists, putting their players on a sensible course of natural supplementation can lift a players performance on the field, greatly enhance their recovery, and leave them with the knowledge that they are playing at their best while at the same time maintaining their health.


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