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The Legend Begins

A Lion among the Pigeons
Well, it seems yet again, we’ve created quite a stir in the supplement industry. True to our form of running against the grain, the team at Ada Street have done it again. We’ve formulated a brand of supplements so far beyond the current crop of over hyped, mediocre brands that it has our “competitors” shaking in their boots.

So it began
The scene had been set, our patients diminishing daily and our respect for the industry waning. We were sick and tired of the “latest” products to hit the market being weaker/dumber than the last, and at the same time being hyped beyond belief with ridiculous marketing. It seemed that, with the exception of a small few, the supplement industry was heading down a dark road of weak products and empty promises. The last straw was the results from a test conducted simply to measure the protein content of many of the best selling and in some cases, promoted by us, proteins from AUS, USA, UK & NZ. The results weren’t good, a few brands did very well by equalling their label claim, but the rest failed, some of them were dismal. We decided that we needed more than just a few brands we could really get behind, so we started the down the long road to formulate a brand that we believed could help save the supplement industry. This may sound melodramatic but it is truly how we felt, no longer would we accept being at the mercy of supplement brands who had sold their soul for profit. The truth is, after nearly 20 years of living and breathing supplementation and nutrition, we have a vastly greater knowledge of supplements than most of the manufacturers, importers and store owners combined. This is the reason for our undisputed reputation as “the” experts of the Australian supplement industry.

Time to act
Formulating supplements is not something that is new to us, we have been doing it for over a decade for other companies, unfortunately these companies would usually water down our formulas or cut corners in some other way to maximise profit. We began work on a protein blend as in our opinion, it was the most urgent supplement required by the industry. We got the ball rolling by hiring very well respected food technicians and by painstakingly sourcing the best of the best manufacturers to assure strict quality control. We knew we were on the right track when we found out that our guys were so strict, no other brands in the Australian supplement industry were willing to use them. They were our type of guys, precise and exacting without exception, an attitude otherwise lacking in the industry as a whole.

Australia is the hardest and most laborious country on earth to produce new supplements. The ultra high standard of regulation by the TGA and other regulatory bodies ensure that the products that come to market are the safest of any country in the world, and although this can be frustrating due to the time required to get a new product through the many governing bodies, we are glad. From the very beginning we knew what we were trying to achieve, the world’s best supplements. So when we source our ingredients only the world’s best will do. I won’t bore you with the details of all our products but I would like to give you a brief example of “how we roll”

Platinum Blend sustained release protein
WPI: Sourced from New Zealand
WPC: Sourced from New Zealand
Egg Albumen: Sourced from Belgium
Casein: Sourced from Australia

Without giving away too many secrets, the above ingredients have been sourced from the most well respected and highest quality sources on the planet. We could have made this product for around half the price using protein from different countries/sources but that is NOT our game. The rest of our range follows the exact same principles. Each and every product contains clinically proven doses of the best herbs and/or amino acids available.

The research and development stage of a new product can take months or even years to finalise and is the key to Urban Muscle’s continued success. We never cut corners, if it takes 2 months to get a lab result back, that is how long we wait before moving to the next stage. Our attention to detail and resolve to create the new era in advanced supplementation is unrivalled.

I find it somewhat amusing that other supplement stores and some brands have been attacking Urban Muscle in their stores and on the forums. The nonsense that is being peddled is part of the reason I am writing this article. It is obvious to most that this is just sour grapes and an attempt to sully the Urban Muscle brand, we won’t stand for this. One thing to note is that our detractors never compare our product to another, they just make vague and childish accusations about the quality or source of Urban Muscle that are very ill informed and quite obviously the polar opposite of the truth. We believe that most of you will eventually make up your mind based on fact, not schoolyard rumour.

The Future
The future looks very bright and we look forward to helping maintain the integrity and therefore the future of the supplement industry. We will keep designing ground breaking supplements as we put even more effort into research and development in the coming months and years. We see Urban Muscle becoming a major player on the world market and we won’t relent until we are recognised internationally as the rightful leaders of the supplement industry. A lofty goal perhaps, but that is how...“a legend begins”.

Daniel Maxwell
Director : Urban Muscle
Owner : Ada Street Discount Supplements

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