Muscle Building and Training

Many people think that the more you train the more muscle you will grow. This is only true to certain extent, over training can inhibit muscle growth and cause injury. For the most successful muscle growth you need to have three systems in place:

  1. You need a system of weights or resistance training, to stimulate muscle growth. Two things need to happen. You must train intensely to cause micro tearing of muscle tissue and your system will try to repair to a higher level to avoid injury again. You must train to failure on at least the last set of each exercise, triggering signals to your brain to increase muscle tissue construction in the area under stress, so it can do the job asked of it. To achieve this I recommend you do a warm up set about 12 reps with about 50% of your maximum training weight (maximum weight is a weight you can do only 6-7 reps). Next set 75% maximum weight for ten reps. Third set 80% maximum for 10 reps. Forth set  90% of maximum weight for 10 reps, and final set, maximum weight to your limit. Maintain these weights until you can achieve ten reps on your maximum weight then increase all weights by 5% and start the process again. Both these pathways require repetition over a reasonable amount of time to worK
  3. You need a wholesome diet of high protein foods and supplements to ensure the availability of the building blocks your system needs to carry out the necessary repair and growth. The 6-7 meal a day routine is the most widely accepted format, with your three main meals containing meats, and have a protein shake mid morning mid afternoon, after training and before bed on training days, and mid morning, and mid afternoon and before bed on off days.(Where any of your main meals do not contain meat or eggs, you should add an additional protein shake to that meal). We recommend you use a multi release protein which will give a constant release of protein for a longer period with each serve, to ensure maximum availability of protein over the day.
  4. You need recovery. Your muscles do not grow during your training sessions, although they will pump up with blood. The growth happens in association with recovery over the next few days, mainly at night (try to get at least 8 hours sleep ) but also through the day. That’s why it is important not to train every day as your system does not have the capacity to recover too many body parts at once. So train as close to, one day on, and one day off, as you can, and no more than 4 times per week, as this is the best system. Remember you will not lose any muscle tissue even after two weeks without training, just a bit of pump.

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