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You probably think that sport supplements are something you would only have used years ago…wrong!
The natural sport supplements of today are designed to extract the ultimate performance from the human body in the following ways:
  1. Providing the right nutrient for each individuals need, taking into consideration their current state, their capabilities and their goals.
  2. Providing energy, power, endurance, recovery and growth.
  3. Providing increased hormonal stimulation to bring your body up to the optimum level possible.
My name is John Maxwell, I hate to admit it but I have already had my 60th birthday.
The good news is life doesn’t end at 60 any more than it starts at 40.
It ends when you give up!!
I am five feet eight inches, 98 kg and 12% body fat. I now train twice per week, and with the help of a range of supplements from our shop, I am still using the heaviest weights I have ever lifted in my life, in fact increasing in some areas, and that’s despite having trained for the past 45 years. On the endurance side I have just taken up wake-boarding, about as much fun as you can have (while you’re standing up).
None of this would be possible without the benefit of the latest supplements.
So if your feeling pigeon-holed by society as part of the elder generation, and you would like break out, build a healthier body, improve your golf or tennis game, or just become fitter and enjoy life in general, we can show you the right supplement to help make it happen.
Feel free to call or email our store, or myself personally, or better still for those of you who can, come to our shop yourself, and we will show you not only the right supplements for your needs, but the best way to use them.
Alternatively try taking a protein supplement twice daily morning or afternoon tea or after exercise, Platinum Blend is  our best protein, and for men use a test booster like Rampage from Urban Muscle just 1 capsule per day, and ladies try the HG Catalyst from Urban Muscle
I must state at this time that I have no medical training whatsoever, and any advice given by myself or other staff is based on our product research and our own experience. 
PS: Its been great to see so many people come to the store or email for advice as suggested.  Many have become regular customers, enjoying the benefits provided by the supplements they are now using.