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  • Protein and the amino acids that make up protein are the building blocks of Muscle.
  • Different protein powders release into the blood stream at different rates ei- fast, medium,slow release.
  1. WPI is fast.
  2. WPC, Egg Albumen and SPI are medium.
  3. Casien is slow.
  • Having a blend of proteins is a very good idea to keep the protein working in your system for as long as possible. 
  • When you have protein in your system you will be in an anabolic (growth) state. When the protein runs out your body will turn catabolic (breaking down muscle tissue for repair and recycling ). 
  • Protein is highly unlikely to make you fat. If you find you are putting on fat while using lean protein shakes it will be from the milk you are using not the protein powder (All dairy milk is packed with sugar/lactose). 
  • When trying to loose weight it is not essential to have the absolute purest protein, as all proteins (without added carbs)increase metabolism and support muscle growth, without converting to fat when taken on water. 
  • Ada Street highly recommends the use of protein powders with a blend  of fast-medium-slow proteins as this will give the best result for lean muscle growth, fatlloss and recovery.
Currently our best selling and favourite Protein Powder is the Platinum Blend by Urban Muscle. The blend of proteins, purity and taste of this product are second to none and we would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality protein shake.
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