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The biggest mistake made by athletes of all types is incorrect post training nutrition or lack there of. Getting this part of your diet/supplementation right is crucial for your body to be able to back up and do it again the next day. Muscle repair along with glycogen storage are the two main requirements needed for fast recovery from a big session. The following is a consice article about how to achieve this.
First things first. Most athletes have had the Carbs, carbs and more carbs message drilled into them over and over again, so the majority of you are probably gettin enough carbs. However, the timing of your carbohydrate intake post training is very important. After a serious training session your body has used up most if not all of your glycogen stores. Glycogen is a sugar stored in muscle cells and the liver which is used for fuel when needed and is the first thing your body is looking to replace post workout. The sooner you can get some simple carbs back into your system the better, within 10 minutes of ceasing training if possible. I would recommend a blend of carbs if possible such as dextrose and maltodextrin etc., this will give you very fast uptake of carbs and trigger an insulin spike which will allow you to store nutrients at a highly accelerated rate. 40g should do the trick.
As well as being depleted of glycogen post training, your body will also be in a "catabolic" state. This is BAD. Catabolism is the state in which your body is breaking down muscle tissue in order to get the amino acids needed to repair the muscle tissue damage just caused by your training session. The sooner you can flip the switch to anabolism the better, Anabolism is the state in which your body is repairing and rebuilding muscle. The way to do this is by consuming Protein/Amino Acids and this is where most athletes let themselves down.
Muscles are made almost entirely of protein/amino acids. Good sources of dietary protein include red meat, fish, chicken and eggs. Unfortunately all of these sources of protein are far too slow absorbing to be used for post workout nutrition. Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) is the protein with the fastest absorption rate available and is packed with all the amino acids needed for recovery. WPI is the protein I would recommend to be included with your carbs post training. 30g of WPI would be great.
Now for those of you who are not training to gain muscle/weight don't be alarmed. Although muscle recovery and growth are essentially the same thing. It is the type of training that you do that determines strength gain, muscle gain or speed gain etc. If you are not trying to build muscle by lifting heavy weights then you won't, regardless of how much protein you consume.
Other aminos to consider for fast recovery are BCAA's (Branch Chain Amino Acids) and L-Glutamine. These Amino's have been isolated as the main recovery amino's.
The amount of protein and carbs I would recommend for a 70-80kg male post training is approx. 30g Protein and 40g carbs.
For a highly specialised post training supplement that has done the thinking and blending for you, I would recommend the "Nectar of the Gods" by Urban Muscle. It makes post workout nutrition very easy and has refreshing lime flavour that is the best tasting on the market.
The nutritional info for Nectar of the Gods is as Follows:
Carbs - 41.5g
Protein (WPI) - 33g
Bcaa's - 8.2g
L-Glutamine - 2.5g
In summery, if you get your post training nutrition right, you will be well on your way to much faster results in the ring and the gym.
Dan Maxwell
. What your body needs post workout.