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There has been an alarming trend towards supplements that are filled with caffeine by many supplement brands, especially US imports.

This is a big concern to us at Ada Street as many of the supplements that contain huge doses of caffeine try to hide the fact that it is even in the product. Ada Street Discount Supplements are only interested in/and promote products that work, and we take great pride in educating the public about these matters.
Make no mistake, caffeine is a drug! A central nervous system stimulant, nothing else. It causes adrenal fatigue, nervousness, irritability, vasio constriction (among other things) and stops many other supplements from working altogether including creatine a nitric oxide boosters.

Sure, caffeine will give you a mental buzz, but it does so at the expense of lean muscle via catabolism (breaking down muscle tissue via the release of the stress hormone cortisol). It can also seriously fatigue’s the adrenal and nervous system. The physical effects of caffeine are actually making you LESS physically capable.

The reason the hype brands are filling their supplements full of caffeine is to trick you the user into believing that their weak, low- dosed supplements are having some effect. These companies believe that consumers aren't worried about long term physical results, "just make em feel like something’s happening". Caffeine is cheap, really cheap, this is why companies love to use it instead of active doses of the legit ingredients that give you a true physical result. The bottom line is that they make a fortune selling glorified 'No Doze' so why would they stop.

There is no place for caffeine in sport supplements.

Ada Street Discount Supplements have been leading the fight against fad products for 17 years and will continue to do so. This is sometimes an unpopular stance for us to take but we believe that what goes around comes around and karma has been god to us over the years, we don’t see any reason to stop now ;)

For more information about the effects of caffeine please read the article titled "Caffeine"

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