• Tribulus has been used for thousands of years to boost performance and libido.
  • The main active extract from Tribulus is Protodioscin.
  • Protodioscin has been proven to significantly increase Lutenising Hormone and Testosterone. It also increases FREE Testosterone.
  • Many Tribulus products on the market contain little or no protodioscin. The strongest we have found so far is the extremely powerful Urban Muscle "Rampage".


It's unfortunate that some companies still try and deny that Protodioscin is the Key active ingredient in Tribulus that offers all of the benefits for enhanced testosterone levels!

Rest assured we have tested "so-called" Bulgarian Tribulus to find it had ZIPPO Protodioscin content yet there are still numerous companies claiming their superior Bulgarian extra special Tribulus is the holy grail!

Let's set the facts straight it is the Protodioscin content that matters and then the Total Steroidal Saponins.If you hear or read otherwise you are being scammed, plain and simple.

Protodioscin is what makes Tribulus effective and without it you may as well be buying a bottle of sugar pills.