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Just about everybody who has trained or played sport has had or will have trouble with sore joints at one time or another. Joints seem to be more susceptible to injury than your muscles, especially when overloaded, and take a lot longer to recover.  Therefore it is important not to push your joints beyond their limits, but use exercises and or weights that you can handle, especially in your early days of training or coming back from some down time. In other words don't push to your absolute limit, let your joints and ligaments have a chance to get used to heavier loads gradually.

For trainers that are experienced and wish to push themselves to the limit, injury can be part of life. I have always found to recover you need to find an exercise that will still work the joint and bring blood flow to it without too much pressure on the joint.

If you are injured and find it hard to recover, the most effective products to help are those which contain Glucosamine Chondroitin and MSM.  This proven formula has literally given millions of people relief and can be used daily as a preventative to avoid problems.

We highly recommend Urban Muscle's Flex as it is the strongest joint supplement formula on the market with nearly 2.5 grams of Glucosamine HCL per serve.  

NB: Preventing Joint injury is a great way to ensure uninterrupted training schedules and muscle growth.

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