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Growth Hormone is synthesized and stored in the pituitary gland and is released at various levels throughout your life, the largest releases occur during your growing years, and gradually decrease as we get older. Once in the bloodstream Growth Hormone is broken down in the liver to form somatomedins such as IGF-1. These Somatomedins move through your body via the blood stream maintaining and repairing damaged cells.

Growth Hormone is also known as the Master Hormone elevating the levels of all your hormones including testosterone through its stimulating effects on leuteinizing hormone. 

The benefits of Growth Hormone to your physical performance are well known an it has been used in sporting competition over many years. However as the injection of growth hormone was outlawed in most sporting events, the search was on to find a natural way to stimulate your own production thereby doing away with any unwanted side effects.

In 1981 two doctors at Rome University conducted a series of experiments using amino acid combinations to try to stimulate the release of more growth hormone from your pituitary gland. They finally succeeded with a combination of 1200 mg of L-Arginine-2-Pyrrolidone, 5Carboxylate stacked with 1200 mg of L-Lysine Hydrochloride. This formulation when taken before bed on an empty stomach successfully elevated Growth Hormone release by 700% over normal, and it was found that the elevated levels produced were fully Bio-active and produced all the added benefits expected from this increase in GH levels

Here is a list of some of the benefits that can be experienced with the increased growth hormone levels:


Muscle mass increase without increased exercise.

Decreased body fat without change of diet or habits.

Enhanced sexual performance.

Enhanced activity of all hormones.

Increased cardiac function.

Better kidney function.

Hair regrowth.

Improved sleep.

mood elevation.

Faster injury recovery.

Improved skin.

Increased brain function.

Stronger bones.

Lower blood pressure.


As the benefits of elevating your Growth Hormone  levels through natural stimulation are obvious, we recommend the use of Urban Muscle's GH Catalyst which uses the exact formula of the Rome Study. 


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