CrossFit Inc. was founded by Greg Glassman in 2000. Crossfit has become increasingly popular in the last few years. While it is just a reinvention of old style circuit training, the name has been trade marked ( typically American ) and promoted as the new thing throughout the world.  It originated in Seattle, Washington USA and quickly spread globally to be recognised as one of the biggest fitness sensations of the decade, having gone from 13 affiliated gyms in 2005, to over 7000 gyms in a matter of years.

Crossfit is designed to improve and develop but not limited to cardio ability, muscular strength and flexibility. It is based on a combination of aerobic exercise, gymnastics and Olympic lifting. Crossfit Inc. Describes its programming as “Constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad modal and time domains”. A Crossfit gym is known as a ‘box’ and the programs are called WOD “workout of the day”. We will go into further detail of WOD in future articles.

Crossfit’s growing popularity is due to its functional-ability and is what has allowed it to take off in all areas where strength and conditioning is required. Among others it is now being utilized by many of the emergency services, special forces, school physical education programs and personal development.  Crossfit is not limited to elite athletes or hardcore gym goers, it suits all levels of fitness and will show great benefit to health and fitness regardless of age, occupation or gender. To give you an idea of the exponential following and growth this training phenomenon has reached, in 2007 the first ever Crossfit Games were held with a first prize pool of $500.00, that prize money has now in 2013 increased up to $275,000.00, so as you can see Crossfit is here to stay.

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