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Supplement Specialists

For over 20 years the owners of Ada Street Discount supplements have been studying the progress of the Australian supplement industry, and the products that are supplied both locally here in Australia as well as American and other imports.

The flood of products from America, especially proteins, are basic to fair at best, and some are outright dodgy, with protein percentages so low as to compete with skim milk powder for value. These companies spend more money on advertising than on ingredients for their products and are interested only in the highest profits for the smallest outlay. This may be a good business model but as far as providing effectiveness and good value to the consumer, it has no merit.

At Ada Street we have always prided ourselves on being able to direct our customers to the right products to suit their needs, but due to the direction of the industry, this has been increasingly difficult to do with confidence.

That is why at Ada Street we have put together the premium supplement range 'Urban Muscle'. Starting with the opposite premise to most companies, We formulated legal and healthy products to the highest effective levels, based only on using the best combinations of quality ingredients to produce the best results for users.

That is why Urban Muscle has the product with the highest integrity in both manufacture and effectiveness of use, in every category of supplements, and that is why here at Ada Street we can now recommend the best supplements for your training and your recovery/growth with total confidence.  

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