Carbohydrates are the most used form of fuel for energy by the human body. Your digestive system turns carbohydrates into glycogen which is held in the muscles and the liver to help deliver instant energy when you need it. If you run out of carbohydrates and are not in an anarobic state, You body can breakdown muscle tissue before fats to feed its energy needs.  It is therefore necessary to maintain a regular intake of carbohydrates to ensure that you do not loose muscle tissue for energy.

There is however a bit of a balancing act between getting enough carbohydrate for energy and not getting to much, with the excess being stored as body fat. The best way to avoid this is to take regular small serves of food or supplements containing carbohydrates several times per day in the same way as you take your protein to keep it available. Science suggests fast acting simple carbs for after training and more complex carbs the rest of the day. Endurance athletes can load on complex carbs before an event and take simple and complex carbs as they go.

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