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Urban Muscle - UM GH Catalyst is a natural HGH supplement that will have you feeling on top of the world in no time.

Natural HGH Booster

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is a protein hormone made up of 191 amino acids and is secreted by cells located in the pituitary gland called somatrophs.
The human body continues to produce the same amount of growth hormone for it’s entire life, however the aging pituitary cells release less and less as we get older. GH release declines at a rate of about 14% per decade which greatly contributes to the aging process and is directly associated with symptoms such as wrinkling of the skin, drecreased energy, graying hair, reduced sexual function, increased body fat, cardiovascular disease, poor sleep and many more.
Because HGH is the master hormone in the body, it controls all other hormone levels including the sex hormones testosterone and estrogen.

What can higher GH levels do for me?

- Improved sleep quality (particularly REM sleep)
- Decreased body fat
- Elevated mood
- Increased lean muscle and repair
- Increased energy and vitality
- Increased bone strength 
- increased sexual function
and much more.

Urban Muscle’s GH Catalyst is based on the formula discovered by Italian researcher A.Isidori M.D.at the University of Rome in 1981.
In the study 15 male volunteers were given an oral dose of a combination of two amino acids (1200mg. l-arginine-2-pyrrolidone-5-carboxylate & 1200mg l-lysine hydrochloride) on an empty stomach. This provoked a release of pituitary somatropin(natural HGH) at very significant level and was found to be easily reproducible. The study showed a massive 700% increase in growth hormone levels within 90 minutes of administration and levels were still elevated by over 300% 8hrs later.

Why Use Urban Muscle GH Catalyst ?
Don’t mess with perfection. UM GH Catalyst is a pure amino acid duplication of the formula used in the  study performed by A.Isidori M.D.
It is very important that this formula is taken on an empty stomach as other amino acids can prevent this very special amino combination from doing it’s job.
Take one rounded teaspoon (3g) before bed or upon rising.
Try our 60 serve (2 month supply) for yourself, you won't be disappointed.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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