The Australian bush call; an expression of the freedom and awe of being in nature. “KOO-EE!” was a call first made by Australia’s First Peoples to communicate across vast distances. It is now used by all Australians in the outdoors. So, next time you’re in a spectacular location, shout out a big “KOOEE!”.

Good nutrition is an important part of an active lifestyle, but it isn’t easy, especially when most snacks are full of sugar and preservatives.

KOOEE! started out on our kitchen table with just some grass-fed beef and the belief that we could make good snacks for our friends and family. Things have changed since that humble original batch, but our idea remains the same-meat snacks can be healthy.

Our Jerky is made with Cape Grim Beef, raised free-range and 100% grass-fed in Tasmania, which graces fine-dining restaurants across Australia. It’s then marinated in a unique blend of delicious spices, coconut aminos, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, local sea salt and a natural probiotic culture. Our 100% grass-fed beef jerky is free from added sugar, artificial nitrates, preservatives and anything artificial.

KOOEE! products are also all gluten-free, soy-free and packed with protein – made with only HONEST, natural ingredients – and nothing else.

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