Di-Sodium D-Aspartic Acid

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100% Pure Di-Sodium D-Aspartic Acid. Proven natural testosterone booster.

D-Aspartic Acid is an amino acid that is naturally found in high quantities in the reproductive organs, hypothalamus and pituitary. D-aspartic acid is formed when the enzyme aspartate racemase converts L-aspartic acid into D-aspartic acid in the testes and other glands within the body. D-aspartic acid has also been shown to play a vital role in the manufacturing of sperm cells and sex hormone production. Human studies have shown a significant increase in luteinizing hormone (LH), a messenger hormone that signals the testes to produce more testosterone, and a correlation to boosting testosterone levels in men when supplementing D-aspartic acid.

Urban Muscle Di Sodium D-Aspartic acid is the version of D-Aspartic acid which has been proven to dissolve in fluids far more readily, and therefore is the readily absorbed in your system giving much stronger results with use.  

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Juhee Weasley – December 10, 2012

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