We loved the name HealthWise® as soon as we thought of it...as it describes exactly what we are all about....making choices that are “Health Wise”. However it was not easy to trademark as we were up against some corporate giants, such as Uncle Toby's and others.... But we had to have it and in 2003 we succeeded in registering HealthWise®.

We hope you love it too! 

Our history

Husband and wife team Zdenko and Carmel Krpan started in the natural health industry in 1998, first as mail and web order retailers, delivering natural health products across Australia and through the world. It wasn't always easy getting the products that people wanted so the new milennium saw us manufacture our own trademarked ranges - OxyMin® and later HealthWise®, then pinQ® and OzyBaby®.

Plus we manufactured a few helpers as well!


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