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UM Sports (Previously Urban Muscle) Stock Update
UM Sports (Previously Urban Muscle) Stock Update

UM Sports Stock Update

Updated 1/8/22

If you weren't aware, Urban Muscle is currently transitioning to it's new image, UM Sports, and all formulas were switched to 100% natural sweeteners (and still premium ingredients).

Because of this, and other various supply chain issues that have come up along the way, UM Sports expected ETAs have been pushed slightly.

Most of UM Sports re-branded lines have also gone through quality control and taste testing checks, and this quite a comprehensive process that ensures UM meets high quality standards.

Although we don't have solid ETAs at this point, you can use below as a guide, and we will do our best to provide updates as they come to us.

  • Nectar of the Gods: 1st - 15th of September.
  • Platinum Blend: 1st - 15th of September.
  • Natural WPI: September / October.
  • Platinum Blend 4kg buckets - Buckets are now discontinued, bags will be replacing the 4kg buckets approx next year.
  • Resurrect: September / October
  • Max On: Complete reformulation - ETA Unknown.
  • Flex: Complete reformulation - ETA Unknown.
  • HEAT: Current batch has printed expiry, although new expiry is 1/3/2023. Available in-store.
  • LT4: Current batch has printed expiry, although new expiry is 1/6/2023. Available in-store. Note LT4 is now a discontinued line.

When we can re-confirm more solid ETAs from UM Sports direct, preorders will be made open for pre-purchase!

Many thanks for your understanding.

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