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100% Pea Protein Isolate by Eagle Nutrition

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Size: 33 SERVE

Pea Protein Isolate is extracted from the yellow pea, a natural and gluten-free raw material. Pea Protein Isolate is rich in valuable amino acids and is a highly alkalizing food. Pea Protein Isolate is perfect for Vegans/Vegetarians, is low fat, low allergy, low GI, and 100% natural. It makes a thick and very satisfying smoothie.

Unlike most brands of protein on the market, Eagle Nutrition is a 100% natural, pure, raw ingredient protein powder and is not blended with cheaper proteins. It is free from preservatives and genetically modified ingredients as well as from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners.

Pea Protein is 100% lactose free making it ideal for vegans, vegetarians and those who are lactose sensitive. Just add to your favourite fruit smoothie, or juice or add to your breakfast cereal to boost protein content. It is ideal to be used by anyone wanting to add quality protein to their diet for weight loss, energy, exercise or simply as an alternative source of natural protein.

Key benefits
  • Pea Protein Isolate: Derived from yellow peas, a gluten-free and natural source, rich in valuable amino acids, and highly alkalizing.

  • Vegan-Friendly: Perfect for Vegans and Vegetarians, 100% natural, low in fat, and low on the glycemic index (GI).

  • Satisfying Smoothies: Creates thick and satisfying smoothies, enhancing the overall taste and texture.

  • Pure and Preservative-Free: Eagle Nutrition's protein powder is 100% natural, pure, and raw, free from preservatives, GMOs, artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners.

  • Lactose-Free: Suitable for lactose-sensitive individuals and those on a dairy-free diet.

  • Versatile: Easily incorporated into fruit smoothies, juices, or breakfast cereals to boost protein intake for weight management, energy, exercise, or as a natural protein source.


Consume one serving (30 g) or as needed to meet your daily protein intake requirements. Can be added into water, desired milk, or recipes for baking.

Nutritional Information

Eagle Nutrition Pea Protein Isolate Unflavoured

INGREDIENTS: 100% Pea Protein Isolate (Protein derived from Belgium Yellow Pea)


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