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100% Pure L-Arginine by Switch Nutrition

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L-Arginine is a conditionally essential amino acid needed by the body to produce nitric oxide (NO2). Nitric Oxide is responsible for the relaxation and widening of blood vessels contributing to improved blood flow.

Features and benefits
  • Improved blood flow: L-Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide, a compound that dilates blood vessels. This dilation can enhance blood circulation, ensuring better oxygen and nutrient delivery to various body tissues.

  • Immune system support: L-Arginine aids in the production of immune cells and supports the overall immune response, helping the body effectively combat pathogens and illnesses.

  • Improved exercise performance: By increasing nitric oxide production and improving blood flow, L-Arginine can enhance oxygen delivery to muscles during exercise, leading to better endurance and performance.

  • Reduced muscle soreness: Enhanced blood flow from L-Arginine can expedite the removal of waste products from muscles post-exercise, reducing muscle soreness and aiding in faster recovery.

  • Improved kidney function: L-Arginine plays a role in the filtration and detoxification processes of the kidneys, supporting their overall health and function.

Nutritional Information

Ingredients: 100% Pure L-Arginine.

Directions for use

Adults: Consume 1 - 2 servings per day before exercise or as required. Mix 1 scoop (1000 mg) in 250 - 350 ml of water or add a scoop to your pre-workout, amino, protein or superfood drink.


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Warning & Safety Information

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