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Morgan Professional 10Cm Wide Leather Weight Lifting Belt

MORGAN द्वारा
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Original price $41.95
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The Morgan Professional 10cm wide leather weightlifting belt is designed to give you an unimposing back support,  giving you better strength and confidence to work on higher repetition style training.  Made from a tough split leather with a suede leather padded back support,  you’ll have all the cushioning you need for the toughest workouts.  The professional weight belt also features a sleeker contoured design for extra comfort,  shock absorbing properties to protect your back and abdomen,  plus rivets and buckle for even more toughness.  All this whilst feeling incredibly soft on the skin.

  • Split leather construction with a padded suede leather back support and cushion
  • Designed to be soft on the skin yet completely indestructible in the gym
  • Shock absorbing abilities to deliver a pain-free training
  • Sleeker contoured design to mould to your body and give you the ultimate comfort
  • Stitched underpinning with rivets and buckle for added strength and resilience