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Vantage Wrist Wraps Thumb Loop Black

VANTAGE द्वारा
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Your new favourite weight training accessory: the Wrist Support by Vantage Strength! Simply wrap it around your wrists to support them during heavy lifting or while performing exercises that place a high amount of stress on the wrists. 80mm wide, 310mm long and made from cotton elastic, these gym essentials have been designed to provide maximum wrist support as well as comfort. Vantage Strength Wrist Support helps you to secure your wrists in proper alignment during bench presses, deadlifts and squats. A thumb loop has been added for extra easy use.

  • 80mm wide and 310mm long for maximum wrist support.
  • Flexible, cotton elastic construction.
  • Thumb loop for easy use.
  • Provides superior comfort and support for your wrists.
  • One size fits all.

If you have recently suffered a wrist injury, tend to hyperextend your wrists or are a person of age, then this Wrist Support is for you. It is especially useful for those who have arthritis in the wrist as it helps take some pressure off the wrist joint. Vantage Strength Wrist Support helps you lift more weight as your muscles are getting stronger. The velcro fastener makes the Vantage Strength Wrist Support adjustable to any size wrist. Provide your wrists with the all-in-one combination support they need to push your through a tough workout session try it today!