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History of Our Logo

19 years ago my son Daniel and I were keen trainers using protein supplements purchased from suppliers in the southern states. We had a bright idea! Hey why don’t we buy and sell supplements cheap through our corner store, providing Queensland with its own discount supplement store, and bonus, cheap supplements for us!

Having done our homework on how the various supplements worked, we established a working relationships with first Max’s, then Vital Strength brands and placed a small ad in a national bodybuilding magazine.

Holy Crap!... talk about create a storm of protest, first the health food chains threatened to boycott brands that supported us. Then the manufactures got together and tried to bluff us with statements like we "we're the wrong type of store", or they don't supply discounters, or straight out said they were scared to loose the business of the other stores if they supplied us.

Thank God for the Trade Practices Act !!

We got very determined at this stage, flexed what little muscle we had, faxed copies of the trade practices act all over Australia and taped telephone calls with various manufacturers ( some probably don’t know till this day) and after about a 6 month struggle finally convinced all involved that we were here to stay and they just better get used to it .

Now, how better to reward them all for their efforts, than with a permanent reminder of the little shop with muscles on our website and letter head.

The rest, as they say, is history. Ada Street became the Largest Single Supplement Outlet in Australia online and in store, and we hope, the most respected by our customers to whom we owe our success.

Thus our logo was born. Now we have another fight on our hands, to try and promote genuine and healthy supplements especially to beginners, in the face of an onslaught of highly promoted, high stimulant imports that do more harm than good for healthy muscle growth.

You can probably now see that the little shop with muscles is quite special to us, not only indicating our type of business, but reminding us of our initial struggle to survive and prosper. 

The Next Step

Ada Street has now designed and had manufactured a brand which epitomizes the principles we have always believed in, such as quality of product, effectiveness of design and ingredients for their stated use, safe for use in any sport or recreation, and delivering a healthy and positive outcome for those who use them.

Each product in the range plays an important part in structuring the perfect supplement regime, whether it be for muscle growth, bulking for sport, improving power and endurance, leaning down, weight loss, or general well being. The Name of the range is Urban Muscle and we believe that we have created the best supplements in every field to achieve the goals we have always striven for, and provide us with the confidence to be able to wholeheartedly recommend Urban Muscle to you. (WADA & ASADA SAFE)

John Maxwell



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