Max's Muscle Up Challenge 2015

Max's Muscle Up Challenge is on again Starting on Monday 23rd February and finishes on Sunday 17th May. You can register from the 9th to 22nd of February at . Following the outstanding success of Max's Muscle Up Challenge Last year, this year looks to be even bigger with pre-registrations way above last years.

The Challenge is all about Transforming your body into the best shape you can over a period of 12 weeks using a combination of weights training, cardio, and Max's supplements. This years suggested supplements are:

For mass gain

Super size, Nightime, Cre8 Carnage, NAAG,and BCAA"s .  Add Beta Pump and Intra Boost, for an even more powerful stack !

For lean muscle  

Super shred, Nitetime, and Cre8 Carnage, NAAG and BCAA's. Add Beta Pump and Intra Boost for even Greater results

You will have to use these products to be eligible to compete for prizes and overall winner of the challange. So start working out your campaign now and order stocks of the products you need for your first month or all three, as last years there was a shortage of product to go around so its better to be safe.

Good luck and may the best body win! 


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