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Natures Sunshine Dandelion

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Nature's Sunshine Dandelion .
There are a number of sources that have contributed to the names of this herb. The shape of the Dandelion leaves were thought to be shaped like lion’s teeth and so it was called ‘dent de lion’ by the French, which later became know as ‘dandelion’. In early Western Herbal Medicine dandelion was used for a wide range of ailments and so became known as ‘the official remedy for disorders’. It is from this reputation that part of the botanical name originates. ‘Taraxacum’ comes from the Greek ‘taraxos’, meaning disorder, and ‘akos’ meaning remedy.

According to the Doctrine of Signatures (the ancient philosophy where it was thought that the physical characteristics of a plant reveal potential healing value) the flower of the dandelion is yellow in colour, linking it to the liver’s yellow bile. It is from this that is was found to be useful in supporting the liver. In addition the plant has juicy roots, stems and leaves, linking it to urine production.

Today dandelion is used for its diuretic, slight laxative, and cholagogue (assist the release of bile) properties.

Therapeutic Use
Traditionally dandelion has been used in England , Europe and North America as a liver tonic and to aid digestion, being particularly beneficial to those with a poor appetite. Dandelion may also assist in relieving mild fluid retention.
Active Ingredients
Each ‘preservative free’ capsule contains 460mg of Taraxacum officinale root powder.