4-time Mr. Olympia champion Jay Cutler fights it out with ultimate victor Phil Heath in this amazing contest! See all of their best shots in the new 1-minute compulsory poses round, and watch as the Top Ten are compared for the new Confirmation Round. You be the judge at home, who has the best biceps, thighs, chest, abs, pecs, delts, and overall shape and condition?

RESULTS: Phil Heath (1), Jay Cutler (2), Kai Greene (3), Victor Martinez (4), Dennis Wolf (5), Dexter Jackson (6), Toney Freeman (7), Brandon Curry (8), Ronny Rockel (9), Hidetada Yamagishi (10), Shawn Rhoden (11), Ed Nunn (12), Johnnie Jackson (13), Marius Dohne (14), Craig Richardson (15) – and in the judging rounds you can also see Michael Kefalianos, Troy Alves, Robert Burneika, Evgeny Mishin, Marcus Haley, Marc Lavoie, Ben White, Frank McGrath, and Robert Piotrkowicz.

202 SHOWDOWN: Razor-sharp Flex Lewis narrowly loses to returning champion Kevin English by only 3 points in this dramatic competition. Also appearing: Jose Raymond (3), Jaroslav Horvath (4), Shaun-Joseph Tavernier (5), Jason Arntz (6), Stan McQuay (7), Tricky Jackson (8), Allan Auguste (9), Marvin Ward (10), Vaughan Ettienne (11), Amil Sapir (12), Gaetano Cisternino (13), James Llewellin (14), Myoba Edwards (15) – also competing were Pierre Chamoun, Fernando Noronha, Sergio Pestano Ramos, Brandon Ray, and Rixio Tapia.

A special tribute by David Pecker to Joe Weider opens the fantastic show, including a live shot of Joe backstage with the athletes!

Juhee Weasley – December 10, 2012

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