2010 MR. OLYMPIA – Jay and Phil Battle It Out!

The 2010 Mr. Olympia DVD is a full four hours of muscle, including the 202Showdown, complete prejudging footage of every athlete, our “Mano a Mano” feature where you can compare the top six at home, man-to-man, pose-by-pose, and of course all the excitement of the Mr. Olympia Reunion with Joe Weider. The finals (including the emotional tribute from the audience to retiring Dennis James), the posedown round, and awards ceremonies are all included, plus a video montage of the history of the Olympia during the closing credits. Great stuff!! Jay Cutler (1), Phil Heath (2), Branch Warren (3), Dexter Jackson (4), Dennis Wolf (5), Ronny Rockel (6), Kai Greene (7), Victor Martinez (8), Toney Freeman (9), Hidetada Yamagishi (10), Dennis James (11), Johnnie Jackson (12), Marcus Haley (13), Roelly Winklaar (14), Troy Alves (15), Edward Nunn (16), Evgeny Mishin (17), Erik Frankhouser (18), Francisco Bautista (18), Craig Richardson (18), Robert Piotrkowicz (18), and Bill Wilmore (18). The 202Showdown includes Kevin English (1), David Henry (2), Eduardo Correa (3), Jose Raymond (4), Jason Arntz (5), Jaroslav Horvath (6), Stan McQuay (7), Tricky Jackson (8), Mike Valentino (9), Daryl Gee (10), Roc Shabazz (11), Bola Ojex (12),Luc Molines (12), Ahmad Ahmad (14), and Steve Namat (15).

Juhee Weasley – December 10, 2012

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