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Animal Test is a potent testosterone boosting supplement from Universal Nutrition.

When it comes to legal testosterone enhancers-this is the best you can get.

Using both plant extracts and the latest cutting edge ingredients Animal Test drives testosterone into overdrive.

Increasing both total and free test for an optimal muscle building environment.

This also features an anti-aromatase complex to keep estrogen in check. This means lower estrogen,more free testosterone and more muscle.

Combine this with hard training and you have a recipe for serious gains in size and strength.

Drive natural test production into overdrive and fuel better workouts and faster recovery.

Testosterone is king when it comes to building muscle. It allows you to train more and recover faster.

More testosterone means great potential to turn protein into lean muscle tissue and also greater strength to stimulate more muscle fibres when you train. Train harder,recover faster and get bigger.

Sounds like everything you want right? It is. More test=more muscle building potential.

This also uses arochadonic acid. This is an omega 6 fatty acid which amplifies androgen receptor sensitivity. In addition to this is also acts as a pro-inflammatory for great muscle fascia stretching and muscle signalling.

Plain and simple.


Take 1 pack every day for 21 days straight. This is ideally taken with your last meal before training. On non-training days take with any meal throughout the day.

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