BEST TASTING VEGAN PROTEIN ON THE PLANET – We’ve officially cracked the code & delivered a creamy, smooth plant-based protein. The protein combination of 20g of Pea Protein Isolate and Pumpkin Seed is void of that gritty chalky profile associated with most plant proteins and will officially be a thing of the past.

MAKE FASTER VEGAN GAINS – Plant-based muscle building just got a lot easier! By fortifying our nutrition profile with the renowned protein supercharger, Velositol®, building quality, lean muscle is now easier than ever. Velositol® in clinical studies has been shown to help increase protein synthesis.*

LACTOSE FREE – Our plant protein is 100% clear of all dairy & it’s byproducts (lactose), even if you aren’t following a strict vegan diet, it’s become clear that dairy doesn’t have much of a place & replacing whey with elite plant muscle-building fuel makes sense.

GREAT ANYTIME OF DAY – Whether you choose to use this as a post workout supplement or as a simple meal replacement shake, the nutrition profile touts numerous benefits & you can enjoy it whenever you may need.

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Juhee Weasley – December 10, 2012

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