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  • For temporary relief of coughs.
  • Aids in the maintenance of general wellbeing.
  • Cordyceps helps maintain stamina and endurance in times of physical exertion and during convalescence.
  • 90 day no-hassle returns

Experience the ongoing beneficial effects Nature’s Sunshine Cordyceps can have on the human body. Improving physical performance, cordyceps can improve your tolerance to high intensity exercise. They can also reduce physical fatigue from prolonged exertion. Studies also show this ancient formula can have an anti-aging effect on some.

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Cordyceps sinensis (Cordyceps) hyphae powder 530mg

Adults: Take two to three capsules of Nature's sunshine cordyceps with a meal three times daily.

Not recommended for use during pregnancy or lactation.
Take two hours away from all prescription medications.

Yeast, lactose, soy, starch, sugars or salt, wheat products, artificial colourings and flavourings, or preservatives.