Imagine having a garment that boosted your exercise performance without anyone knowing you are wearing it. Imagine no longer.

BSc Half Quad garment utilises the latest body mapping technology to provide the most comfortably superior compression garment on the market proven to enhance performance. By applying specific graded compression to the upper leg the garment provides superior blood flow and muscular support through a range of dynamic flexion and extension movements promoting improved exercise performance. Best of all you can wear Bsc Half Quad garment underneath your shorts without anyone even knowing you are wearing them. BSc Half Quads, the ultimate in comfort, the ultimate in performance.


Why use BSc compression garments?

BSc garments use a Warp knit, which means thicker interlocking fibres that result in:

 greater compression over time, which will in turn lead to improved stability and explosiveness

 an increased number of fibres which means greater durability

 a greater ‘elastometric fibre content,’ meaning that the material can stretch further and return to it’s original shape without distortion

 superior wicking qualities, which means that the material is able to ‘draw’ sweat away from where it is produced helping to dissipate body heat.


BSc garments apply a concept known as ‘targeted compression’ which provides:

 extra support and stability to areas of the body that need it the most such as the groin (adductors), hamstrings, quads, shins, pectorals and shoulders.

 greater dissipation of body heat through special breathable mesh.


Who should use BSc compression garments?

Naturally, those participating in sport and exercise (athletes and recreational trainers) will benefit from BSC compression garments through enhanced exercise performance and improved recovery. In addition improved movement efficiency and fatigue management are of significant benefit in the workplace for those involved in physically demanding occupations.

Juhee Weasley – December 10, 2012

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