Hangover Cure Stack


The Ultimate hangover cure!

Get the best results from your hangover cure.

After you are finished consuming alcohol for the night:

Take 4 x LT4 tablets and 2 x teaspoons of Chia seeds washed down with 800ml water containing 2 scoops of Iso Max electrolyte.

This regime will lesson the effect of your hangover dramatically. 

LT4 is an amazing liver cleansing formula that not only remove toxins from the liver but improves liver function too!

Iso Max
Replace electrolytes and balance water levels with this powerful electrolyte and isotonic formula.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are brilliant anti-oxidants and fantastic at soaking up toxins to be passed through the body.


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Juhee Weasley – December 10, 2012

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