ECLIPSE FOAMING MOUSSE is a fast and effective way to apply your competition tan. Simply pump out the rich foam onto a large velour applicator or similar and apply to your skin, following the contours of the body.

ECLIPSE FOAMING MOUSSE has added ALOE VERA, reported to help moisturize and tighten the skin, CHAMOMILE extract for its skin calming. 
No mess, No drips, great for use while you travel.

Best results are obtained if exfoliating and hair removal are completed the day before application.
If a base tan is required, we recommend Equinox Self Tanning Lotion, as it has a moisturizing effect on the skin.

As a guide the lighter your skin, extra coats may be required.

Size available: 207mls

For use by: Dancers, Figure Fitness & Sports Models.

Directions: To obtain the best results, try the following.

  1. Apply over clean dry skin. Exfoliating is recommended.
  2. Use a velour applicator or similar to apply. The use of gloves is advised.
  3. Use ample foam & follow the contours of the body.
  4. Overlap treated areas to obtain an even tan.
  5. Do not use heavy coats on ankles, elbows or knees etc. as these areas will become darker.
  6. Apply 2-3 coats over the course of the day. The product will touch dry in minutes.
  7. Showering is recommended between coats, but allow at least 5 hours after applying. Do not use soap products, just use warm water and pat dry with an old towel.
  8. Last application is on the morning of your show. You may, or may not shower after this. Allow to dry well, you can use a hair dryer to assist the drying.
  9. You may use a light application to your face, be careful of your eyes.
  10. This product can transfer to clothing & bedding. Wear old clothing between coats.


Juhee Weasley – December 10, 2012

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