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IN2 Krush Pre-Workout is a high-strength pre-trainer containing a range of natural performance enhancing and cognitive-boosting ingredients with nitric oxide and lactate buffering support. Each serve of Krush Pre-Workout contains an epic 400mg of elemental caffeine, in both anhydrous and di-caffeine malate forms, for a sustained-release effect without the crash.


Product Features

  • Enhance Pumps and Vascularity.
  • Boost Energy and Stamina.
  • Support Mood and Focus.
  • Increase Strength and Power.
  • 400mg Elemental Caffeine.


With Krush Pre-Workout, one scoop is enough to get you jazzed up for a full-throttle training session. It will be inspired; it will be insane; it will be memorable. This is a pre-workout from IN2 that pulls no punches, unleashing the full force of caffeine anhydrous and di-caffeine malate upon you for the ultimate energy rush that keeps on going, without the nasty crash of so many other high-stim pre-workouts.


There are few things quite as cool as the muscle pump after a solid training session. This sensory experience reminds you know that you've trained like a champion. And if you're lucky, so will the delayed onset muscle soreness in the days to come. The muscle feels full and tight, like your skin can barely contain it. Krush Pre-Workout is designed to maximise this experience (just for you), with a range of nitric oxide enhancing ingredients that push more blood to working muscles.


With agmatine sulfate, betaine nitrate and L-citrulline, you can bet your morning oats that your endothelial nitric oxide synthase enzymes will be busy creating more nitric oxide. From there, blood vessels are dilated allowing more blood and nutrients to nourish working muscles, supporting performance, vascularity and pumps.


Sweep the cobwebs from the neurons of your brain with a range of nootropics including Alpha GPC, Theacrine and more. Not only does IN2 Krush Pre-Workout deliver an absolute payload of powerful active ingredients, it does so with delicious viking-inspired flavours.


Yes gym-enthusiasts, this pre-workout does everything except your laundry. If you're tired of double-scooping weak and inferior pre-workouts like so many other seasoned gym-goers are, hook into a tub of Krush Pre-Workout and experience the difference.


How to Use Krush Pre-Workout

Mix 1 scoop (13.5g) into 200ml cold water and consume 20 minutes before exercise. If you are unsure of your caffeine tolerance, begin with 1/8th serve, taken well before lunch time.