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HealthWise® LactoBOOST combines Lactoferrin and Colostrum in a powerful immune boosting supplement which also helps improve gut function and boosts the uptake of iron in the body.

Lactoferrin is a unique product and is the centre of exciting nutritional research all around the world.
This has resulted in high demand for the product worldwide and in particular for high quality product from the Australasia region.

Lactoferrin possesses antioxidant antibacterial and antiviral properties and plays an important role in immune system response.

Due to its iron binding properties it helps facilitate the transport and absorption of iron.

Colostrum is also used as a supplement by athletes to assist in recovery following exercise and to improve their performance during endurance events.
Colostrum also improves the immune status of high performing athletes who can become immune compromised and prone to illness.

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