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Nitrovol ultimate fast & slow lean muscle protein formula.

The all day lean muscle support associated with the regular consumption of fast, medium and slow release proteins are well-documented in scientific research and now Body Science would like to introduce you to the latest product development – NitroVol Lean Muscle. Lean Muscle, as it is nicknamed, is a combination of supplements including creatine, glutamine, carbohydrates and a blend of quality protein sources.

Each ingredient in this lean muscle formula has been carefully selected, based on scientific research, to have specific physiological effects.

NitroVol is not only for Bodybuilders. NitroVol is formulated to have a marked anabolic effect, making it suitable for anyone wanting to increase their lean muscle mass. Obviously bodybuilders could benefit from the cell volumising and metabolic advantages that NitroVol may provide. However, the physiological benefits of NitroVol are not exclusively limited to the bodybuilder. In fact, gains in lean muscle mass could benefit athletes in a number of sports, such as those requiring strength and power. Therefore, although the physiological effects of NitroVol are of obvious benefit to the bodybuilder, they may also offer benefit to athletes in a number of other sports like rugby league, rugby union, aussie rules, crossfit, swimming, powerlifiting and mma fighting. Furthermore, NitroVol should not be considered a supplement exclusively for athletes. Fitness enthusiasts or even individuals beginning a training program may greatly accelerate their strength, muscle gains and athletic performance by consuming NitroVol.

The combination of ingredients in NitroVol makes it a ready made and convenient stack to use. The ingredients have been selected to work synergistically and promote a range of benefits that are not able to be obtained via the ingestion of these ingredients individually. This means that NitroVol may offer benefits that cannot be obtained by simply consuming creatine, protein or glutamine individually.

NitroVol is best consumed immediately after training for several reasons. Research has shown that the ingestion of carbohydrate and essential amino acids immediately after training can further stimulate protein synthesis, above that of resistance training alone (26). The retention of creatine may also be greater if ingested immediate after muscular exercise (1).  Furthermore, intense exercise can deplete plasma glutamine levels and it has been suggested that glutamine supplementation post exercise may restore physiological levels (19). Finally, exercise can deplete muscle glycogen stores, so it makes sense to ingest carbohydrates post exercise to replenish used glycogen (23).

The term ‘cell volumising’ has become popular terminology to describe the hydration status of a cell. It has become a talking point in sports nutrition circles as it appears that increasing cell volume may increase protein synthesis and reduce protein breakdown (14). Consequently, using supplements that increase skeletal muscle cellular hydration, or prevent declines in cellular volume, may optimise protein synthesis. NitroVol contains creatine and glutamine, which are both suggested to have cell volumising effects (6, 20).

Injuries are an unfortunate fact of life. However, with advances in modern medicine treatment, the rehabilitation of injuries has come along way. With many injuries, loss of muscle mass and strength occurs as a result of the immobilization required during the recovery period. This lost muscle mass and strength must be regained during the rehabilitation process. Research suggests Creatine may help reduce loss in muscle mass and strength during immobilization (28). As a great source of Creatine, plus other cell volumizing agents that stimulate protein synthesis,  Nitrovol Lean Muscle may also benefit athletes needing to regain muscle mass and strength following an injury.

NitroVol is used by many elite teams and elite athletes and has not been reported to have any side effects. Furthermore, the key ingredients in NitroVol are reportedly well tolerated in human studies (27, 20, 25).

NitroVol Lean Muscle contains nothing on the WADA prohbitied substances list, is certified under the Informed Sport supplement guarantee and made to the highest quality in GMP / HACCP certified manufacturing facilities. Therefore, NitroVol can be considered a safe and legal method of supplementing the diet, even for elite athletes subjected to regular drug testing. Designed with research, this post-workout supplement will take your workouts to the next level.

Nitrovol Lean Muscle has been designed to maximize fat free muscle mass, strength and power and aid recovery. It is perfect for building lean muscle mass and avoiding gains in body fat. Suitable for bodybuilders, athletes, sports players, fitness enthusiasts and even individuals beginning a training program, it compliments any training and strengthening regime and has a recommended dose of 1 x 60g serve per day.

Juhee Weasley – December 10, 2012

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