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4 Stage Reverse Osmosis Under Sink Premium Model


This Reverse Osmosis Undersink 4 Stage model is a premium low waste unit configured specifically for treatment of Chloramines, Chloramines is a combination of Chlorine and Ammonia together.

A normal Reverse Osmosis or Filter system containing coal or coconut carbons will treat the chlorine component but will leave the ammonia component, this system will remove both, Brisbane and Sydney water is treated with chloramine.


Features the exclusive membrane flushing.

It has the Dow Filmtec 300 litre per day TFC membrane, the 300 litres is rated at 50 psi (350 kpa) but will produce up to 450 litres per day higher pressures, what this means is the system will fill faster than most systems on the market. This system has an auto shut-off device that closes off the in-feed supply when the storage tank has filled.

All components are NSF certified to standards 042, 053 & 058


Highest Quality Pentek (Ametek) US housings, standard size 10 inch (9 ¾\" (248mm) NSF certified (worlds leading certification authority) NSF/ANSI standard 042 certification, also tested and certified to Australian Standards 3497, housing no 158179.





Removes 92 to 95% of Fluoride




1 Micron food grade polyspun sediment filter 9 ¾\" (248mm) (standard size) U.S. made

Pentek CGAC-10 Chloramine carbon cartridge 13000 litres rating, U.S. made

Genuine Omnipure CL10RO- Coconut carbon post filter, highest quality possible. U.S. made

Genuine Dow Filmtec TFC Membrane (standard by which all other membranes are measured)

Main filter unit size, 42 cm high, 35 cm wide & 14 cm deep.

9 litre stainless steel storage tank (exceeds drinking water guidelines) NSF Certified. If space is an issue we also offer a 4.2 litre or 12 litre tank


Premium systems now have the lowest waste ratio of all systems on the Australian market, using a Patented combination membrane flushing valve/flow restrictor means the waste ratio is about 50% less waste than other brands, waste ratio is now about 1 to 1.


Installation choice 1/2\" tee olive fitting, 3/4\"dishwasher adapter or 1/2\" easy fit braided line flick mixer adapter, our systems take the average handyman 1/2 to 1 hour to install.

600 kpa pressure-limiting valve, genuine Tomlinson Stainless Steel dedicated faucet. Housing spanner to ease cartridge changes.


Juhee Weasley – December 10, 2012

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