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San Performance Creatine

by SAN
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SAN Micronized Performance Creatine

Better Muscle Building Results!*

  • Micronized to 200 Mesh Providing Easier, Faster & Complete Mixing*
  • 20 Times More Surface Area than Regular Creatine
  • Dissolves Easily and Leaves the Gut More Quickly with No Stomach Discomfort*

When your goal is to gain muscle size, increase strength, maximize power and bulk up… micronized creatine monohydrate is your first choice. SAN's Micronized Performance Creatine!*

Research Proven

Let’s talk about non-hormonal muscle building supplements. Creatine monohydrate, has been the most clinically researched and validated muscle building supplement with hundreds of clinical studies confirming its safety and efficacy. The facts are all there in black and white.*

ATP Fuels Muscle Performance

When you supplement with SAN's Micronized Performance Creatine, it saturates your muscle fibers with creatine. More importantly, it restores ATP, the primary source of energy for heavy strength training. That's what fuels the intensity needed to build muscle and increase strength. When you want to add muscle you need these massive increases in strength, power, and intensity.*

SAN's Micronized Performance Creatine has 20 times more surface area and therefore is easier and faster to use and mixing is more complete. Regular creatine monohydrate may sit in the gut longer. This causes discomfort to many users. SAN's Micronized Performance Creatine goes into solution better and leaves the gut more quickly, causing no stomach upset or discomfort. SAN's Micronized Performance Creatine uses the most advanced micronizing technology. The 'micro-particles' are more effective for several reasons:*

SAN Performance Creatine Chart
  • Absorbs Faster––the smaller particle size means more efficient digestion and complete utilization!*
  • Insane Pumps and More Muscle Volume Expansion––and that means more muscle!*
  • More Effective––20 times more total surface area means better delivery into the bloodstream and working muscles!*
  • Purity––SAN's Micronizing technology results in substantially more pure creatine!*
  • Easier, Faster, Better Mixing––The greater surface area results in faster and more complete mixing!*
  • No More Upset Stomach Upset––SAN's Micronized Performance Creatine goes into solution better and leaves the gut quicker causing no stomach upset.*
  • Better Results––more particle surface area for better utilization, better uptake, and faster results!*

SAN's Micronized Performance Creatine adds water and volume to your muscle fibers and sets the stage for long term muscle growth.*

Since it's not hormonally based, it's safe to use by both men and women and for all athletes at all levels of competition.*

SAN's Micronized Performance Creatine is manufactured using strict cGMP guidelines. Which means your creatine is produced in a Government Audited Facility, ensuring you purity, safety, and potency of your creatine. So you can experience rapid gains in muscle size and strength development strength gains without any harmful toxins.*