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Vitargo®S2 is the super-soluble form of Vitargo®, a patented, molecular carbohydrate with ZERO SUGAR. Only Vitargo®’s low osmolality, molecular carbohydrate form isuniversity-research proven to move through the stomach more than 2X faster than carbohydrates (e.g. maltodextrin and sugars) found in other sport drinks and powders. That means faster carbohydrate digestion and absorption into the body. It also means no bloating or discomfort common to ordinary carbohydrate-based products. Additionally, VitargoS2, with IVG Technology, is the only product of its kind that is university-research proven to deliver carbohydrate to muscle more than 2X faster after exhaustive exercise and to accelerate glycogen recovery and increase insulin levels more rapidly and potently than commonly used carbohydrates.

They count on VitargoS2’s patented IVg technology to provide almost instantaneous refueling after training (and competition) as well as an unrivaled boost in post-workout insulin levels.

Let’s face it; a sport nutrition product’s claims are only as good as its research proof. Vitargo®S2’s patented IVg technology is the only product of its kind that is university-research proven to be a more effective refueling and recovery carbohydrate source than those found in virtually all other sport and recovery products.

That means that the actual product available to you is university-research proven to be more rapidly and efficiently digested and absorbed to provide carbohydrate fuel to muscle faster and raise insulin levels faster and more potently post-workout than ordinarily-used carbohydrates post-exercise. Again, insulin the most potent, natural way to activate the anti-catabolic signals that spare muscle protein.

Only GENR8 ensures proof.. Other, less expensive products might make similar but unproven claims. But if you want Vitargo® results, get Vitargo®S2 - It’s Cheaper to be Small™!

Vitargo® is the only refueling and anti-catabolic recovery supplement of its kind to be university-research proven to be superior to carbohydrates in ordinary sport performance and recovery drinks or powders.


Fill a shaker bottle with 200mL of room temperature water, Add 2 level scoops of Vitargo®S2 and shake vigorously for 10 to 15 seconds. Add an additional 500-600mL of cold water and shake vigorously for 15 to 20 seconds.

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Juhee Weasley – December 10, 2012

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