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No artificial colours, flavours or sweetener

WPI & HWPI blend making it our most advanced pure whey powder.

Ultimately whether protein supplements are of value or not will depend on the consumer's specific needs and habitual dietary intake. Many health professionals imply that protein supplementation is unnecessary and that the recommended daily intake for protein is easily achieved via normal dietary intake. However, this argument is based on the assumption that everyone consumes a well balanced diet containing a range of high quality protein sources. In today's hectic world how many people actually achieve this? If you don't achieve your recommended daily intake of protein each and every day, a protein supplement would definitely be of benefit.

Additionally, this argument fails to take into account the differing needs of individuals within our society. What about athletes and/or bodybuilders who want to maximise their lean muscle mass? If you eat three meals per day your protein intake is limited to three intakes per 24 hours. Protein synthesis is a continuous activity that requires a balanced supply of amino acids (3). By consuming protein supplements you can increase the frequency of protein ingestion, which will assist in maintaining blood amino acid concentrations across the day. This may increase protein synthesis (3), which could be of benefit to those wanting to maximise their lean muscle mass.


Juhee Weasley – December 10, 2012

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