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LT4 – Fast and Effective Fat Loss without the Side Effects. NO Caffeine. NO crash. NO need to cycle. LT4 is a heavy duty fat burner that is actually healthy! That's right, the cutting edge ingredients in LT4 (unlike 98% of other fat loss products) are not only NOT BAD for you, they have been proven to have many positive health benefits too! Users experience fast fat loss, better performance in the gym, increased natural energy levels and enhanced cognitive function/mental clarity. Urban Muscle's LT4 is a combination of nutrients with lipotropic properties, to assist in the removal of fats and toxins from the...

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The Real Road to Fast Fat Loss   Hi, I would like to begin by introducing myself. I'm Dan and I'm one of the proprietors of Australia's Biggest supplement outlet Ada Street Discount Supplements. I have been in the supplement industry for about 22 years and have seen it all when it comes to dieting / fat loss. I am constantly surprised and dismayed at the badly thought out and just plain stupid dieting techniques promoted on the internet, in magazines and on TV. The so called diet advice usually comes with the punch line... and you can do it all with our amazing product "meal replacement X"...

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The Truth about Carbohydrates and Fat LossBy Stephen Smith When someone decides to lose body fat whether it is for summer, an event or simply to improve their health, one of the first changes they consider making is to their eating habits. Once the decision is made, the next step taken is to research their possible diet options. This may involve speaking with people, reading magazine articles or visiting their local book store to try and find the ‘holy grail’ of diets- the diet that is guaranteed to shed the fat off their body quickly and with little effort. Of...

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