Optimum Nutrition or ON is undoubtedly the most popular imported protein brand to Australia. It has a massive following mainly because Optimum provides a comprehensive range of protein powders and sports supplements and strives to produce distinctive, premium-quality, affordable products. 

Optimum Nutrition, Inc. (ON) is owned by Glanbia, a leading international cheese and nutritional ingredients group. Optimum Nutrition was established in 1986 and is world famous for innovation, being first to produce a casein protein powder and first to offer an all micellar casein formula.

Most popular Optimum Nutrition product is the 100% Whey Gold Standard, which comes in three sizes and a multitude of flavours as well as an all natural version. Other Optimum proteins include,  Casein, Pro Complex Gainer, Serious Mass as well as a range of Aminos including BCAAS, Creatine Monohydrate, Amino Energy and the new pretrainer PRE.The latest on the market is Gold Standard Gainer. Protein Powders are their world wide success story.


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