Body Ripped was one of Australia's original heavy duty body building brands, founded in 1990's. Body Ripped has developed into a major player in the body building and sports nutrition scene, providing products for all areas of physical endeavour. The recently released 2014 exciting range covers everything from fat burners, and sport performance to body building and figure shaping. the emphasis is on producing products that achieve lean muscle growth for all types of physiques.

Body Ripped is an Australian owned supplement company and their new cutting edge range is produced in Australia in HACCP certified plants and have Halal accreditation.

Body Ripped looks forward to supplying the Australian market with a range dedicated to to the health and well being of all athletes and those interested in general fitness.


We are athletes, competitive bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts.
We are just like you.

Every one of us has done bicep curls, ab crunches, and spent hours on the treadmill. 
Every one of us has been on a diet, either to drop a dress or pants size, to lean up for summer, or for a bodybuilding competition.  
And every one of us knows how much difference the right supplementation can make.
So this year, we decided to make our slogan - 'Lean Muscle for Every Body' - our mission.

We spent the past 12 months developing, and perfecting a range of totally new products that take advantage of the latest in protein, amino acid, and micro-nutrient dispersion technology. 
The kind of products that we love to use - Australia's finest and most advanced Sporting Supplements. 
And now we are sharing them with you.

'Lean Muscle for Every Body'. It's who we are. It's what we do. Join us.

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